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the massacre. Day seven of the so-called "Batman shooter trial" saw testimony from CU professors Achim Klug, an "auditory-system" Munich Ph.D., and Mark Dell'Acqua, a Harvard neu

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"We feel the movement that blew the windows and roofs," said Lucia Sanchez, a resident of the area. Authorities said there was no panic among the population and many people storme

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t President Daniel Ortega enjoys a clear lead over his rivals. With almost 7 percent of the votes counted, Ortega had almost 64 percent, compared to 29 percent for his closest cha

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launching a tsunami warning for the Pacific coast and the departments of Valle del Cauca, Cauca, Narino and Choco." The alert, Pulido said, focuses on 16 municipalities or localiti

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ng of guns from Texas to neighbouring Mexcico, local media reported Thursday. The legislation asked for creating a criminal offense -- firearm smuggling, with increased penalties

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he Federal Highway Police said in a statement. A car, driven by a drunken young man with his girlfriend in passenger seat, crashed into another carrying five passengers, all member

催眠手电筒全文1-28 -不卡无在线一区二区三区观

tement said Washington and Brussels are "particularly concerned by the potential for further violence ... around the anniversary of the Islamic Republic's founding on Feb. 11." Th