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protests since the shooting are mostly legitimate outrage rather than criminal activity. Full story Related: CoE head warns against 'excessive' police force in Ferguson, USA STRASB

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unning proposed to pay for it with leftover money from last year's stimulus package, but Democrats wouldn't budge. According to the Senate's rules, any one of the 100 Senators can

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el. Gibbs told reporters that the United States expects any future Egyptian government "would uphold particularly the treaties and the obligations that the government of Egypt, an

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chmark equity index gained as financials rally. The S&P TSX Composite Index closed up 31.87 points, or 0.27 percent, at 11,746.07 on Monday. Nine out of 12 sectors on the Toronto S

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s overwhelmingly opposed to the House and Senate bills and that it strongly disapproves of the president's handling of health care. "The reason why (Congress) is getting blowback i

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, another symbol of social inequality, earned 73.3 percent of men in 2011, up 4.3 percent from that of 2001. "There were more advances on the matter of the race gap than the gender

ntr全世界 -荔枝视频荔枝视频黄页

ct business documents and other materials; and to track foreigners suspected of being "lone-wolf" terrorists not tied to an established terrorist group. The Patriot Act, signed in