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Sunday of another war " whenever we accept the status quo." "If you look to the past 10 years, every two to two-and-a-half years there's either the intifada (uprising) or a war or


other evidence have been transferred to the nearby Cuauhtemoc municipality for further investigation. Estrada said the Mexican Army personnel are still guarding the area to ensure.


infection from WNV is to repel the mosquitoes that carry and transmit the disease, Van Duesen said. "We are advising people to dump out any standing water -- bird baths, potted pla.


rbie bomber last August. "BP is an important company to both the British and the American economies. Thousands of jobs on both sides of the Atlantic depend on it. So it's in the in.


olutely sure that with your (cadets and officials) active participation, we will show that we are better alone than with the United States involved," said Morales at a ceremony in.

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Xinhuanet) -- Police are set to start a year-long nationwide anti-terrorism operation, after attacks were seen in the Xinjiang region and major cities across China. Under the new .

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e compliance by all participants with its standards,"they concluded. HUNTSVILLE, Canada, June 26 (Xinhua) -- Building upon the principles and guidelines agreed to in Kananaskis, .

CBS on Tuesday. Mexican pot sold in California accounts for two-four percent of cartel profits, the study said. The RAND study disputes the claim that marijuana accounts for 60 pe.

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