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June 14 (Xinhua) -- The World Bank (WB) and Haiti signed documents in Port-au-Prince Friday, donating the poverty-ridden nation 90 million U.S. dollars to improve mother-child hea

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's 44 state members and nine associate members attended the three-day meeting, which opened Sunday in Brazil's capital Brasilia. The participants mainly reviewed the activities of

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05 figures by 2020 -- a new goal since Canada's withdrawal from the Kyoto Protocol late last year, a move that spurred international criticism. Canada implemented policies to regu

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ay defending her big brother, who methodically planned and executed one of the worst mass murders in U.S. history. Chris Holmes told the jury, who found her brother guilty of all

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ntos ordered the Penitentiary and Prison National Institute ( Inpec) to declare the state of emergency for prisons to avoid other measures such as the release of inmates, the jus

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id, adding that is the message he took during his recent visits to Israel, Gaza, Jordan, Qatar and Iran. In particular, the Brazilian president demanded an end to the three-year-ol

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capitol, making a vote on the measure impossible. Also on Tuesday, Walker said he might lay off 1,500 employees if his bill ending public-employee union collective bargaining is