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leted, the project will meet California's 33 percent of renewable energy demand, Schwarzenegger said. California has led the nation in renewable energy development with over 270 re


f deep economic uncertainty. "I have continued to underscore the importance of reducing regulatory burdens and regulatory uncertainty, particularly as our economy continues to rec.


rts of the two victims into the Patia River, a group of men, who were wearing uniforms and carrying rifles, kidnapped 13 people with two killed and two others missing, and the ot.


zone.' But will these large amounts of methane make the dead zone areas even larger or the oxygen-depletion more severe? What are the links between methane and oxygen down there.


reform agenda. Late last year, the Fijian government strongly denounced Washington for repeatedly refusing to issue visas to high-ranking Fijian officials to attend important inte.

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er resources and it is getting drier," Arauz said Friday. Arauz said other cities in Boaco province, including Santa Luica and San Jose de los Remates, also have been affected by .

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tment. Chavez, 58, has been battling with cancer since mid-2011. The ex-paratrooper, who won an reelection in October, travelled to Havana on Nov. 27 for more treatment after he c.

(Xinhua) -- Mexico's President Felipe Calderon Monday formally opened the 24-nation Group of Rio Summit in Playa del Carmen, a resort town on Mexico's Caribbean coast, with pres.

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