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nd greater pricing flexibility. The MOU on Youth Mobility will promote travel by Canadian and Mexican youth in one another's country for up to one year, stimulating personal and pr

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z arrived in Havana on Nov. 28 to receive hyperbaric therapy, a treatment of oxygen inhalation at high doses and under pressure during short periods in a pressurized chamber. That

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poration (Embrapa) and the Brazilian Cooperative Societies Organization (OCB). By the terms of the agreement, the cooperative societies in Brazil will have access to qualification

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nment of the Gulf Coast. We must make every effort to understand that impact," said Tony Hayward, BP's chief executive. "This (the study) will be a key part of the process of resto

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andmother." Despite her daughter's fame as a former first lady and as the top diplomat of the country, Dorothy Rodham rarely talked publicly about herself, or her daughter and son

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tegy is to combat the criminal bands through exchange of information mechanisms between the countries. The declaration also includes the design of legal mechanisms to combat the i

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" Rousseff, however, did not promise to postpone the voting as the ministers requested. Carlos Minc, who served as environment minister from 2008 to 2010, said Rousseff agreed that